Avoid carsickness

Hobson posted on April 12, 2017 at 16:28

Before I entered college, the farest place I went to was the city that near my hometown, I didn’t go out often, because I was afraid of taking bus, which made me dizzy and throw up. Most people have the same experience with me and we will get over carsickness eventually.

The reason that I got carsickness was that I seldom took bus. Before college, I never left home, I took the bike to go to school. I always refused to get on the car with my parents to hang out for fun, for I would always feel sick and did not have the mood. In the long run, my fear for bus got more stronger. Someday, my uncle told me that I should go out often and got used to taking bus, then my fear would fade away naturally.

Since I go to college, I decide to make some changes, I like to travel with my friends, so we often take bus. With their company, which distracts my attention, I overcome my fear. Now, I no longer worry about taking bus, I don’t have much feeling.

Shen Xing moved dirty, home shower rinse a bath. Just then, the next man said the four back. This also represents the whereabouts of Zhou Ying, he ran out with his clothes. Also as before, Shen Xing moved with the fourth eldest brother drink, wanton chat. At this time, Shen Xing moved to know that Zhou Ying has been pregnant, but also when the East Hospital big headed. Unhealthy master has always heard, a sense of loss. She has children, but also propped up a dilapidated home, the possibility of returning to Shen is almost zero. After the two really will be drifting away? Shen Xing moved no answer, only smile.
That year blooming moon is still a movie still (Zhou Xing moved Zhou Ying pregnancy loss of thought if thought out)

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